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Best Trails & Travel: Your Partner for Sports Franchise Travel Services

In the competitive world of sports, success often hinges not only on athletic prowess but also on the behind-the-scenes logistics that ensure teams can perform at their best. Best Trails & Travel is the official charter bus sponsor of the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center, New York Liberty, New York City Football Club, New York Red Bulls, and St. John’s University Sports. Traveling for games, tournaments, and events is an integral part of a sports franchise’s journey, and having a reliable and efficient travel partner is crucial. Best Trails & Travel stands at the forefront of Sports Franchise Travel Services, offering a level of expertise, comfort, and reliability that has made it the preferred choice for numerous prestigious organizations. 



The Best Trails & Travel Advantage


  1. A Trusted Partner: Best Trails & Travel’s status as the official charter bus sponsor of many amazing teams isn’t just a title—it’s a testament to the trust and confidence that sports franchises place in its services. These sponsorships underscore Best Trails & Travel’s commitment to excellence and the ability to meet the demanding needs of high-profile sports teams. Whether it’s ensuring seamless logistics or providing unparalleled comfort during transit, Best Trails & Travel is synonymous with reliability.


  1. Experience That Matters: The depth of experience that Best Trails & Travel brings to the table is unparalleled. Over the past 28 years, the company has worked closely with diverse sports organizations, ranging from professional leagues to collegiate teams. This extensive exposure allows them to comprehend the unique requirements of each team and cater to them effectively. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of cross-country travel or accommodating specific preferences of athletes and coaching staff, Best Trails & Travel has the expertise to deliver.


  1. A Diverse Clientele: Best Trails & Travel proudly boasts an impressive roster of clients. The diversity of clients signifies not only the adaptability of Best Trails & Travel but also the trust these esteemed organizations place in its ability to handle their travel needs with precision and professionalism.


  1. An Elevated Experience: In an exciting development this year, Best Trails & Travel is proud to announce the expansion and modernization of its fleet. The addition of new, state-of-the-art buses marks a significant leap forward, positioning the company’s fleet as one of the most modern charter bus fleets in New York City. This enhancement underscores Best Trails & Travel’s commitment to providing not only reliable but also luxurious and contemporary travel experiences. Sports teams partnering with Best Trails & Travel will now travel in unparalleled style and comfort, aboard these modern marvels equipped with the latest amenities. From plush seating to cutting-edge entertainment systems, these new buses redefine the benchmark for luxury travel, ensuring that athletes and coaching staff arrive at their destinations rejuvenated and ready to conquer their challenges.



Comprehensive Services Offered


  1. Team Travel: Best Trails & Travel’s commitment to providing a hassle-free travel experience extends to team travel. Whether it’s transporting a squad to an away game or ensuring a comfortable journey during team-building excursions, the company’s fleet of modern and well-maintained charter buses guarantees a smooth ride for every member.


  1. Game Day Transportation: Managing transportation logistics on game days requires meticulous planning and execution. Best Trails & Travel’s expertise in this realm ensures that teams arrive at venues punctually and in optimal condition to focus on the forthcoming challenges. Punctuality is paramount, and the company’s track record in this regard speaks volumes about its reliability.


  1. Celebrations and Special Events: Sports franchises often have unique moments of celebration and bonding. Best Trails & Travel understands the significance of these events and offers assistance in planning and executing them flawlessly. From award ceremonies to post-game gatherings, every detail is meticulously handled to ensure a memorable experience for all involved.


  1. Customized Travel Solutions: Recognizing that no two sports franchises are alike, Best Trails & Travel takes a personalized approach. Collaborating closely with teams, the company tailors travel plans to match specific requirements. This level of customization ensures that every aspect of travel aligns perfectly with the team’s preferences and needs.



Best Trails & Travel Partners


Brooklyn Nets

As a prominent NBA team based in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Nets boast a storied history in professional basketball. Known for their competitive spirit and passionate fan base, the Nets have consistently been a force to be reckoned with in the league. With a commitment to excellence on and off the court, the team has formed a strong partnership with Best Trails & Travel, relying on their services for seamless travel arrangements and logistics management.


The New York Liberty

The New York Liberty, a professional women’s basketball team in the WNBA, holds a significant place in the city’s sports scene. Known for their dedication to the game and empowerment of women in sports, the Liberty represents New York’s spirit and resilience. Best Trails & Travel has been an integral part of their journey, ensuring that the team travels comfortably and efficiently to their games across the country.


New York City Football Club

New York City Football Club (NYCFC) is a Major League Soccer (MLS) team that captures the essence of soccer culture in the city. With a passionate fan base and a commitment to playing attractive, attacking soccer, NYCFC has carved a niche in the MLS. Best Trails & Travel’s partnership with NYCFC ensures that the team travels seamlessly, allowing them to focus on their performance and dedication to the sport.


New York Redbulls

A prominent soccer club in Major League Soccer, the New York Red Bulls have a history of success and a dedicated following. Known for their dynamic style of play and competitive spirit, the Red Bulls are a significant force in American soccer. Best Trails & Travel’s support ensures that the team’s travel needs are met with precision, allowing them to concentrate on their game strategy and performance on the field.


Through partnerships with these esteemed sports franchises, Best Trails & Travel has demonstrated its commitment to providing tailored and reliable Sports Franchise Travel Services to meet the unique demands of each team, contributing to their success both on and off the field.





Best Trails & Travel’s unwavering dedication to excellence and its track record of providing top-tier travel services to renowned sports franchises reaffirm its position as the go-to choice for Sports Franchise Travel Services. With a rich history of collaboration with esteemed organizations such as the Brooklyn Nets, New York Liberty, New York City Football Club, New York Red Bulls, and St. John’s University Sports, Best Trails & Travel has proven time and again its capability to elevate a team’s travel experience to new heights.


Partnering with Best Trails & Travel guarantees swift, comfortable, and reliable travel backed by the expertise of a trusted and experienced travel service provider. Entrust your sports franchise’s travel needs to Best Trails & Travel and embark on a journey where every mile is a step closer to success. Your team’s path to victory begins with the right travel partner—choose Best Trails & Travel, where excellence is not just promised but delivered. Request a quote today! 

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