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Luxury Coach Bus: Have it Your Way

While there are many perks associated with our service, each client can highlight a distinct feature that made their trip exceptional. The common denominator is the quality of the operator & coaches that are fully equipped with entertainment amenities as well as boasting the most comfortable seats on the market. The pungent, grimy, and uncomfortable vehicles of the 20th century have been overtaken by luxurious charter buses. Boasting an affordable rate and convenient means, distaste for the name has turned to excitement for the opportunity. The growing popularity has enabled operators to enhance the design, functionality, and quality. In succession, opening a new market, from corporate and private events, short and long-distance trips, and single and multi-day excursions. Select the option that best suits your needs and then prepare to have a great time! The list of benefits is nearly endless, but here are a few fan-favorites.
  1. We do the Driving: Don’t concern yourself with traffic, roadmaps, parking, and backseat drivers. Passing the reins to a professional driver allows for a stress-free trip.
  2. You See the Sights: Flashing lights and busy streets or quiet roads and scenic mountains, you’re provided a first-row ticket to unparalleled views.
  3. Clean, Comfortable, and Connected: Today’s luxury charter bus provides stylish and comfortable seats to recline in. Take a nap or stay connected; updating your social media or staying current on recent events. Meeting or surpassing standards, they’re clean and spotless, allowing you to enjoy your activities without lingering concerns.
  4. Socialize with Companions: Perfect for group trips, charter buses provide you the opportunity to look back on old memories and catch up on ones you’ve missed.
  5. Save Money: Charter buses are one of the cheapest modes of transportation, especially for large groups. Since the fuel, staffing, and operation costs can be divided among passengers, the rate is often difficult to beat. While this may mean foregoing a shorter alternative offered by plane, we see it as the option that provides you more time to relax and enjoy the amenities.
  6. Door-to-door Service: There’s no substitute for the level of convenience a charter bus provides. From origin to destination, we pick you up door-to-door, providing you security and peace of mind through every phase of your trip.
  7. Environment: Traveling responsibly leaves the beauty intact for future generations. Unlike a vehicle suited for an individual (motorcycle) or family (sedan), a modern charter bus carries more people, reducing the number of automobiles on the road, and thus, our carbon footprint.
  8. Safety: Unquestionably your operator’s priority. Minimizing your risk of being involved in an accident, each driver goes through extensive training to meet high-tier standards. Indicative of their commitment to the job, rest assured that their focus is the road, optimizing a seamless ride.
While there is any number of perks associated with our service, each of our customers can highlight a distinct feature that made their trip exceptional. What they all have in common, however, is the quality of their operator and vehicle. Hand-picked and surpassing our expectations, our personnel are renowned. Each of our coaches, fully equipped with TV, DVD, CD, Wi-Fi & tables, cleaned between trips, and boasting the most comfortable seats on the market, allow for the perfect ride. Experience the difference by scheduling your group’s excursion in advance. Call Best Trails & Travel at (212) 206-6974 or use our Contact form to discuss your upcoming trip. We’ll take care of everything!
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