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Using Best Trails & Travel Is Convenient, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly!

There’s a lot of fun to be had in taking a trip with a large group! However, contemporary concerns over the environmental effects of vehicle emissions, air pollution, and greenhouse gasses require us all to be more conscious of how we travel.

It’s normal to figure that, with some careful planning, you can load up a few cars and travel while keeping close. On the other hand, airplanes can be cheaper and faster than driving if your destination is hundreds of miles away. But take a moment to consider that going on your next group adventure by charter bus could be the most convenient, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly option.

Clean Technology

Recent technological advances have greatly benefited the capabilities of diesel engines like those found in charter buses, including making them more environmentally friendly. They run more efficiently while significantly reducing their impact on our carbon footprint. Also, many modern commercial passenger coaches (like ours!) are “clean idle”-certified, which means their emissions are cleaner while idling than before. This allows them to remain in operation while standing to keep occupants comfortable without taking a toll on the environment as it used to.

Fuel (and Cost!) Efficiency

The transportation industry’s measures efficiency by passenger miles per gallon of fuel. This is arguably the greatest advantage a charter bus has over a car. Most cars have a maximum capacity of 4 or 5. Compare that to our passenger coaches’ capacities, ranging from 24 to 56, and it’s easy to see how they let you burn (and buy) less fuel to move more people! And when you’re burning less fuel, you’re reducing emissions altogether.

Eliminate Traffic Problems

Using a charter bus is more convenient compared to traveling in multiple cars, in several ways. It cuts down on traffic volume and eliminates the potential for getting separated as well as the stress that comes with it. It also presents a more environmentally friendly solution: A single bus produces a smaller carbon footprint than the collective emissions of multiple cars. As a bonus, they can be much more comfortable to ride in for extended periods of time!

Best Trails Is Your Best Option!

Choosing a charter bus instead of traveling by car or an air already means you’re choosing to greatly reduce your trip’s impact on the environment. Our eco-friendly luxury coaches allow you to reduce it even more, along with the overall financial and logistical benefits. So next time you’re planning a big trip and want to travel conveniently, affordably and in an environmentally friendly manner, book your travel with Best Trails & Travel!

Call us at (212) 206-6974 for an accurate quote for your needs. Don’t just travel, travel in eco-friendly luxury with Best Trails & Travel.

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